The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands

The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands.

Peru is worldwide renowned thanks to its delightful gastronomy, pre-Hispanic architecture, natural wonders, and cultural heritage. However, the South American country is a treasure for the coffee industry.

Although Colombian coffee is considered the most exquisite worldwide, the Peruvian beans and brands maintain a throat-cutting competence against it.

Being privileged by its geographical conditions, Peru has been the home to some of the most remarkable brands nowadays. And that’s why we listed down the best Peruvian coffee brands and what makes them the favorites among business owners, baristas, clients, and connoisseurs.

Beginning with:

Cajamarca Black Coffee Roasting

The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands.

Cajamarca is a subdivision of Black Coffee Roasting, named after a Peruvian department where this elixir is more than sacred.

Cajamarca Black Coffee Roasting presents the most delightful flavors of the Amazonas Rainforest, such as cacao, chocolate, and caramel, among others.

This presentation is the right balance between dark notes and discreet sweetness.


-Mild acidity
-Notes of almond, cocoa, and pineapple

Java Planet’s Organic Peru Roast Coffee

The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands.

Java Planet has a diverse repertoire from South and Center America, and its Peruvian presentation is simply remarkable.

This brand is above the gourmet categories in terms of quality and price, but the taste well deserves it.

The quality of this brand lies in the freshness of its beans and organic background. Its fresh grains guarantee robustness and excellency perceptible from the brew.

And as they say: “life Is too short for a bad coffee.”


The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands.

Cenfrocafe is one of the largest cooperatives throughout Peru, run by 3000+ families in three different provinces.

Such a cooperative disposes of traditional methods, ensuring organic, high-quality, and irreproducible flavors.

-Honey and caramel flavors
-Dried fruits
-Four varietals (Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, and Arabica)
-Crisp acidity

Founded in 1999, Cenfrocafe has become one of the most prolific and well-established coffee producers in the region.

San Ignacio Coffee

The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands.

San Ignacio Coffee comes from the province of the same name, which happens to be located in Cajamarca

This is the perfect fit for dark roast enthusiasts, those who enjoy the strong flavor of the coffee aromatized by nuts and cocoa.

And what makes it different is:

-Dark roast
-Notes of nuts and cocoa with a sweet chocolate fragrance
-Mild aftertaste

No doubt, San Ignacio Coffee is a must for distributors, specialists, and of course coffee lovers.

Volcanica Peru Coffee

The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands.

Also known as “Tres Cumbres” due to its geographical origin, Volcanica disposes of well-renowned products with colorful ingredients.

Volcanica prides on its natural processing of the product, which preserves a virgin, alluring flavor in all conditions.

The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands.

One of the ingredients is Light Nougat, which gives the beverage a woodsy aroma and aftertaste unique.

And Volcanica offers:

-100% Arabic coffee beans
-Low acidity (through a scrutinous selection process)
-Dark roast

First Colony Discoveries Peruvian Andes Gold

The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands.

This brand offers whole beans with a medium roast level. In other words, between beans at their best point.

For over 80 years, First Colony has been positioned as one of the Best Peruvian Coffee brands, offering the best-kept secrets of the Peruvian plantations.

This brand disposes of:

-Dark-medium roast
-Bitter-burnt taste
-Organic and fresh products


The 7 Best Peruvian Coffee Brands.

Last but not least. Chanchamayo owes its name to the homonymous region, known for being one the tallest points in The Andes and a global reference for the coffee industry.

This product is a delightful combination of citric acidity and dark but sweet notes, excellent for those who look for exuberant tastes out of the normal.

Chanchamayo always has a place among the best Peruvian coffees undeniably.

-Moderate citrus
-Floral aroma with sweet and nutty notes

For countless connoisseurs, this is la crème de la crème of the South American producers by far.


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