Best Colombian Coffee Brands

Best Colombian Coffee Brands.

During the last decades, Colombia has played a crucial role in the coffee industry, becoming one of the world’s largest high-quality Arabica coffee producers. In this way, Colombian coffee brands are game-changers in the market.

The coffee culture in Colombia is not only national identity, but also represents a pillar in the economic activity of the South American country.

Today, the popularity of Colombian coffee sprawls across the entire globe, but why is this product so famous? No doubt, it stands out by its unique aromas, flavor, textures, and unique production.

So if you’re a coffee-lover, business owner, or distributor, pay attention! In this article, we’ll take a look at the four best Colombian coffee marks.

Let’s check them out!

Juan Valdez Coffee

Best Colombian Coffee Brands.

Juan Valdez is an iconic character for Colombia’s coffee industry, which has represented the marketing symbol of this brand for over 50 years.

Likewise, Juan Valdez Coffee is the most representative coffee brand at a national and international level, renowned for its imposing and sweet flavor.

Also, it provides a fully basic; gourmet, and premium lineup, offering several presentations that include mild, medium, and strong coffee.

What makes Juan Valdez a special drink?

-Rich Flavour
-Ideal acidity
-100% Colombian beans
-Strong aroma

Volcanica Coffee

Best Colombian Coffee Brands.

Committed to offering a high-quality product, Volcanica Coffee excels for its variety of low acid coffee beans organically grown in the Colombian Andes and imported to Atlanta, where the beans are processed and roasted.

This company is one of the largest coffee producers in the world and is specially focused on exotic coffees. Its complex flavor and full body make Volcanica the best option for those looking for a truly strong taste.

Main features of Volcanica coffee:

-Lively acidity
-Sweet aftertaste
-Variety of texture
-Smooth flavor
-Fairtrade certified

Some of Volcanica’s bestseller presentations are Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kenya AA, and Low Acid Coffee, which are also some top-rated coffees in the market.

Don Pablo Coffee

Best Colombian Coffee Brands.

Characterized by its rich and sweet flavor, this brand focuses on medium-dark roast beans, which have a unique aspect and texture. However, it also incorporates some medium and light bean categories.

Relevant features:

-Low acidity
-Well balanced flavor
-Very smooth
-Sweet aroma

One of the reasons for Don Pablo’s high-quality reputation in the American market is its meticulous beans selection process. They grow, pick, and roast their own grains in Colombia and then export them throughout the whole world.

As one of the best Colombian coffee brands, this company disposes of a great diversity of products, including Don Pablo Colombian Supremo and Don Pablo Artisan Blend Coffee.

Eight O’Clock Coffee

Best Colombian Coffee Brands.

Considered one of the top coffee brands in America, Eight O’clock presents a 100% Colombian and Arabica ground coffee with a wonderful aroma and a rich winey and full-bodied flavor. This company is mainly focused on the medium-roast beans grown and processing.

Among its bestseller products lineup stands out Colombian Peaks a medium-bodied gourmet coffee with balanced freshness and taste, The Original Whole Bean a fresh and magnificent robust flavored coffee, and Hazelnut a popular medium-roasted with a wonderful scent.

Why is it particular?

-Smooth finish
-Delicate Aroma
-Winey notes


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